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We are Team 25K, a student run competitive robotics team based in
Markham Ontario, Canada.


We are Team 25K, a student-run competitive robotics team located in Markham, Ontario. Our experienced team members are Vex Robotics competitors and champions. Despite being a young team, we have over 23 years of combined robotics competition experience.

Our diverse team is completely student-run and managed, allowing us to develop essential project management and teamwork skills with the necessary engineering skills.

Team Photo
Team Photo Team Photo


Team Members

Winston Z.

Team Captain & Programmer
4th season of VRC

Alex T.

Lead Engineer
4th season of VRC

Felix P.

Engineer & Driver
2nd season of VRC

Patrick W.

Lead Programmer
3rd season of VRC

Vincent J.

Scouting & Engineer
1st season of VRC

Anita D.

Scouting & Public Relations
1st season of VRC

James F.

3rd season of VRC

Noah S.

3rd season of VRC

Anthony B.

1st season of VRC

Alex C.

From Team 82855

Jingyue W.

From Team 386

Our Season

This season's challenge is Vex Robotics Competition Spin Up. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than the opposing Alliance by scoring discs in goals, owning rollers, and covering field tiles at the end of the match.

In VRC Spin Up we have ranked high in qualification matches and made it into the elimination matches frequently. Our achievements up to now include the Build Award, Design Award, and the Excellence Award. We placed 3rd in robot skills at the Ontario Provincial Championships and will be attending VEX Worlds in Dallas!

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